The Blog

'Getting There' is all about the trials and tribulations of making music and life in the music industry. It's practical info on becoming a better musician, better organized and better at the business of music.

We focus more on the music making, motivation and practical business tips than marketing or industry news. There are more than enough of these online and I've included my favorites in 'My Blog List'.

Included are practical tips on:

  1. becoming a better musician - better at composing, practicing and performing
  2. motivation and inspiration - info to keep you focused, creative and productive
  3. music business - keeping organized, informed and profitable

The Author

My name is Robert Maddocks. I'm a composer/producer who owns and runs Area: TwoTenSix, providing songwriting and composition services to the music and film industries.

After studying classical performance and composition at university, I went on to study jazz and popular music at college. I taught at both institutions before going on the road for a couple of years playing all types of music (from rock to country). I then opened an independent recording studio where I worked with everything from single songwriters to full bands. Most of the time it was singer/songwriters who would come in with a song and I would then produce the rest of the track.

This experience allowed me to hone my skills in a number of different genres and styles. I then used those skills to produce a music library encompassing a number of different styles. The library now has everything from rock to jazz to hip hop to full on symphonies.

The Company

Area: TwoTenSix continues to work in film and TV along with various solo artists. The music library continues to grow with more titles being every month.

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