Online Music Tools

You don't even need music software on your computer these days it seems. There's a growing number of online sites that offer up all you need to compose music online. Here are a couple of my favorites.

  • Soundation -  app for creating loops, samples and sound effects. It has a sequencer, 11 real time effects, 3 synthesizers, a library of over 400 loops and a drum machine.
  • Audiotool - online virtual studio featuring 808 and 909 drum machines, TB303 and ToneMatrix synths, and tons of stompbox type effects.  
  • Avairy's Music Creator -  a multi-channel drum machine, beat maker. Has beat mode and can edit velocities.
  • Jam Studio - has a little bit of everything. Create beats and add chords and harmonies.
  • Drumbot - An online drum machine plus sequencer, metronome and more.

There are also quite a few apps that you can download for free that will help out with all of your audio and composing needs.

  • Audacity - a free audio editor and recorder with tons of features.There are others out there but this one is arguably the best.
  • Reaper - while not free, it's extremely cheap. The best thing about this software is it almost does everything all of the top of the line sequencers do at a fraction of the cost. Plus it's extremely efficient even on older machines. 
Here are my favorite sites for music theory, business and general info.

There you have it. Have fun.